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7 03, 2016

How to interrupt and disagree someone?

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Thanks to some words, you can state clearly your agreement or disagreement and you can interrupt people in a polite and non confrontational way. Use 'can or could' 'Paul, can I just ask you...?', 'If you could go through them in order...' Both expressions are more polite than simply saying 'I want to know...' or 'Go through them in order...' Use 'would like' 'I'd like to be', 'I would like to be a [...]

15 06, 2015

How to manage a three people introduction?

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Your role is to introduce two people to each other. Main rules are: In social life - Introduce a man to a woman - Introduce young people to older people - Introduce the least important people to the most important people - Position in society is more important than gender and age - Age is more important than gender. In the business world - Introduce the least important people to the most important [...]

3 06, 2015

Should I give my business card with two or one hand?

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Business cards are internationally recognized as a means of introduction and information exchange but in many cultures they are also seen as a representation of the individual. So they are not exchanged in the same way or with the same meaning everywhere. In North America or Europe, the business card has little meaning other than a convenient form of capturing essential personal details. The excha [...]