Creating a strong and natural image for you

Whether you move in private business circles or in the top civil service, whether you want to give your personal life a new lift or simply to prepare for a special occasion, whether you are a future overseas student or a graduate looking for a job in an international company, you know that you are judged by the image you project. You want to take control of your life by developing an image that represents who you are and who you want to be. Listed below are some examples of Manners Today most popular services for individuals.


You want to develop the confidence and polished social graces that will enable you to achieve your personal and professional goals! Then, our programs are for you…

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Whether you want to update your image, create a wardrobe for a specific occasion, or simply look and feel your best, we guide you in expressing your highest potential.

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You like surprising your guests! Let us prepare an elegant and unique party for you! A party that reflects who you are, an event that you will cherish for the lifetime.

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Give your children all the chances to succeed

It is never too early to learn how to behave. Manners Today offers age-appropriate programs such as: dining skills for children, dining etiquette for teens, how to dress and to shop efficiently for young adults, make up advice for teens, and seminars to prepare future overseas students to make the most of their experience. Our programs are designed to teach the benefits of respectful behaviour. And they are fun!


Decreasing culture shock

You are Western and you accompany your husband/partner abroad. After the “honeymoon” phase characterized by a positive attitude about the host country, you may get hit by the new culture, and everything you have found amusing until now starts being irritating. Manners Today helps you develop intercultural competencies, gives you keys to integrate international community, and to transform this phase into a positive experience.

Regaining self-respect

You do not feel so good, you dream to recover self confidence you had before. Expatriate community is very small and speaking trustfully is often impossible. Discretely Manners Today as a professional accompanies you. I listen to you and work with you to react and move forward.

Feeling and looking your best

You aspire to be the best 40+ year old woman that you can be.  Our services make you look and feel more beautiful and confident in yourself!  We provide you with the experience of getting to know yourself again including working with and loving your ever-changing body.