Business cards are internationally recognized as a means of introduction and information exchange but in many cultures they are also seen as a representation of the individual. So they are not exchanged in the same way or with the same meaning everywhere.

In North America or Europe, the business card has little meaning other than a convenient form of capturing essential personal details. The exchange of business cards is not formal contrary to Asia where this protocol is very important.

In an international environment, the basic etiquette rule is to present your card in the best manner in which you would present yourself. If you are Asian, you can present your card with your two hands but do not take any offence if the other person takes yours with one hand. If you are a Westerner, no matter how many hands you use but please pay attention to the card you are giving or receiving. Comment on it, do not throw it across a meeting table… In Muslim countries, give it with one hand and the right one, the left one is for hygiene.