At Zsiska, a jewellery is made of resin and can be combined with other high quality materials such as 24k gold leaf and pure silver leaf. After experiencing with different techniques, ZSISKA found a way to make resin as clear as glass and very light in weight. These developed techniques resulted in jewellery that is easy and very pleasantly to wear! Each piece is made by hand! The inspiration of every collection is found in the wonderful diversity of cultures, art, nature, upcoming fashion trends and colours.

Cocktail-Bracelet-yellow-300x300The company is based in Thailand, the designer is from Amsterdam, and stores are in many countries. Check the website to see locations as they can move.

For this Summer 2015, I would recommend the Cocktail collection, both coloured and chic to accessorize your Summer dress or beach wear.
Count from 50 euros to get a nice one!